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Mexican Tomato bean corn soup Full of beans, tomatoes, corn  and onions. This soup comes together in just 30 minutes. This Mexican Bean Soup is …

Vegan Beetroot Burger Beetroot burgers are delicious and nutritious. These vegan-friendly burger patties contain no egg, but are bound together using beans . The Beet Burgers are easy and …

Vegan Protein Energy balls have a perfect combination of protein, good carbs and high in fiber. These are portable, so they are the perfect healthy on-the-go snack before or after your workout!

Benefits of Vegan Learn all the benefits of being a vegan! Vegan Dabba blogs with Facts Learn all the benefits of being a vegan! Vegan …

Green Coffee What is Green Coffee, Our Story Starts Here Vegan Dabba With A Twist GREEN COFFEE We’re New. But We Arrived With Facts Coffee …

Jackfruit Burger with Coleslaw Jackfruit grows in tropical areas of Southeast Asia.While it is technically a fruit

Stuffed Eggplant Stuffed eggplant, with its  aromatic ingredients, makes  a wonderfully healthy and filling meal. Mixing and matching filling ingredients for your stuffed eggplant is …

Jackfruit with Flatbread & Rice Jackfruit is a North Indian delicacy that is made from raw jackfruit. With the Onset of summers, the one of the …

All vegans are vegetarians, but not all vegetarians are vegans. A vegan saves more than 100 animals per year. So, time to calculate how many animals you’ve saved so far on your vegan journey!

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Hi, My name is Ritu and I’m the blogger behind Vegan Dabba. Thanks so much for stopping by!

I’ve been vegan since 2016 and I really fell in love with plant-based food since then. When I’m not cooking vegan meals, I am traveling world with my husband Anubhav with my backpack and his camera.