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Hi! I'm Ritu Shrivastava

Hi, I’m Ritu! Welcome to Vegan Dabba ! I’ll share with you my fervor behind it. Becoming a vegan is a difficult choice that takes a lot of commitment. Although not easy, it is a decision that can turn our lives over for the best. Vegans are usually people who care about the world and the environment. Vegan food is tasty and nutritious without causing harm to anyone or anything.

If you are attracted to veganism or already a happy vegan, On this site you will come across Articles, Information Videos, Simple and Delicious Vegan RecipesVegan Diet Plans, Stop Animal Factory Farming and lots more.

So, Lets Get Started!

Vegan Dabba

Always Be Vegan

The smallest steps, like changing what you have for breakfast, can really impact your entire day: bye bye brain fog, farewell anxiety, & hello energetic & super-productive me! Just imagine what these tiny changes can do for you in the long term.

Somewhere along the way, we forgot that food should care for our body and our mind. Let’s reconnect with eating habits that are good to us by getting back in touch with vegan food and techniques that bring the best out of them for us. I strongly believe that knowledge comes from practice, and nowhere else. So sharing know-how to become Vegan. Happiness comes in part from what we eat, but it also relies on how we treat animals and Environment.

“Veganism is not a sacrifice. It is a joy.”
- Gary L. Francione

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I am on Vegan Mission!

I would like to enlighten society that Vegan Food can be perfectly healthy, nutritious, delicious and easy to make! I started this blog to share my life with the world. I became vegan in 2016. My Husband and I started thinking more about animals and where the food we eat comes from. This started our transition into going vegan. I love being vegan and have never been happier with my health and my body. I also love knowing that I don’t contribute to animal cruelty. I’ve found that since going vegan I actually eat a wider and healthier variety of food than I did while vegetarian. I am now more willing to try new foods and have found so many that I love. My husband loves trying new foods with me and we are so excited to introduce our loved ones to the vegan foods we love. I love simplicity when it comes to cooking. I like to create recipes that anybody can make. My Blog and Food is mainly Vegan, Gluten Free, Plant- Based Products and NO Animal products My main goal for this website is to show that living a vegan lifestyle is very fulfilling and not as hard as people make it seem.
Ritu Shrivastava

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