Vegan Dabba

Vegan Protein Balls

Vegan Protein Balls

Vegan Protein Energy balls have a perfect combination of protein, good carbs and high in fiber. These are portable, so they are the perfect healthy on-the-go snack before or after your workout!

  • These are super
  • No-bake vegan balls.
  • Easy to make in 15mins.
  • Sweetened by Vegan Chocolate
  • No added sugar,
  • Filled with the addicting flavours of chocolate, Peanut Butter and Almonds,
  • Filled with flax seed so you can get your daily Omega 3’s,

It’s easy to make your own delicious and healthy energy balls with ingredients like dates, nuts, seeds and Flavours like coconut, cinnamon or peanut butter.


Getting it done:

Preparation Time

15 Mins

Cooking Time

0 Mins


10-15 Mins


Dessert, Snack


American, Vegan

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Types of Vegan Protein Balls

Chocolate Vegan Balls
Oats Vegan Balls
Coconut Raspberry Vegan Balls
Dates Vegan Balls

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