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Is World Ready for Vegan Diet as Meat Industries being Virus Hotspots?

Is World Ready for Vegan Diet as Meat Industries being Virus Hotspots?

Are you ready to be vegan?

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Covid-19 has changed everything. From Root level to up-most level, it has affected each one of us. The same thing is about Food Industry as well. A major transformation is remarked in eating habits of people.

Some of the lifestyle trends going to show up Post or during Covid-19 which includes:

Vegan & Plant Based.

The word Vegan was defined as a diet, free of animal-based foods such as meat, dairy products, eggs etc. To begin our consideration of this topic, let’s start by looking at how vegan diet differs from other diets. Vegetarian diets avoid meat and fish, but commonly allow eggs and dairy products. Veganism takes this idea to the next level, cutting out every item of animal origin. So, vegans avoid any food prepared or derived from animal flesh, dairy products, eggs, or any by-product.


The working conditions of workers and living qualities of Animals in meat industries and slaughterhouses create a perfect storm for corona-virus transmission.

  • Living qualities of animals:
    Animals born and raised on animal factory farms don’t know what it is like to be free. They are bred into a lifetime of extreme confinement and suffering. The unnatural feeds and excessive quantities of antibiotics used on animal factory farms put the human population at risk for chronic disease and drug-resistant bacteria, and pose the threat of major disease outbreaks. Biggest example is Wet Market in China.
  • Conditions of workers:
    Workers are unable to maintain the recommended social distancing on the processing floor, which spread virus particles in the air. Most of the virus is spreading outside the plants when these workers go back home, as mostly of them are migrant workers those live in crowded or slum conditions.

Going vegan has several health and environmental benefits. Some of them are as follows in on our top Reasons to Not to Eat Meat.


  • Stop cruelty against animals:

    We turn animals into objects rather than understand them as the living beings they are. Cows, pigs, fish, chickens, and other each and every animal often wind up on plates have emotions, just like you and me. Biggest example is Wet Market in China.

    Imagine yourself growing up in a steel cage with hundreds of other people for all your life. You’re crammed so tightly you can’t even turn around. You’re denied freedom and expression and affection. Then, at the end of your day, you and everyone around you is slaughtered for someone else to eat.

  • Save the Environment

Animal and Factory farming contributes heavily toward environmental problems all over the world. Think number of animals that are slaughtered every day to fill supermarkets with sufficient stock. All of those animals have to be fed, watered, and housed before they’re destroyed. Deforestation across the world for more pastureland and animal feed, whereas feeding the world with plant-based foods would require only a fraction of that land.

  •  We are Not Carnivores

    We don’t have the long, sharp teeth required to tear into flesh, and our intestines often struggle to digest meat. The same thing goes for dairy. Cow’s milk contains more protein and fat because it’s meant for calves, who grow rapidly from birth. It’s not meant for human consumption and can contribute to weight gain among other problems.

    If you are reading this and you are a baby cow, go ahead and continue drinking milk. Otherwise, it’s not really for you.

  • Maintain Your Weight with Plant based & Vegan Diet

    It’s a lot easier to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight when you’re not consuming fatty foods like meat and cheese. You’ll also consume fewer calories on a plant-based diet as long as you stick to whole, natural foods.

  • Immunity to Fight with Virus like Covid-19

    When you have the right combination of vitamins, minerals, and macros in your body, your immune system is better equipped to fight disease. You might discover that colds and other minor illnesses last for shorter time frames.


Change of attitude is key. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, majority of people are getting mindful about what to eat. This pandemic and Lockdown period involves thinking like what type of food to consume, how the food is processed, what is the source of food and Is this food good for this health and environmental crisis situation.

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