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What is a Vegan?

What is Vegan?

Learn about vegan and its significance!

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What is Vegan?

The word vegan on early basis was defined as a diet, free of animal-based foods (such as meat, dairy products, eggs, and honey.) Vegans also typically object to exploitative uses of animals.

The core virtue of the vegan concept is that it enables, through the tiniest efforts, the prevention of vast amounts of animal suffering and environmental degradation. My intention here is to define vegan in a way that maximizes its power to encourage people to embrace plant-based lifestyles.

Meaning of Vegan

To begin our consideration of this topic, let’s start by looking at how the word vegan differs from vegetarian. Vegetarian diets avoid meat and fish, but commonly allow eggs and dairy products. Veganism takes this idea to the next level, cutting out every item of animal origin. So, vegans avoid any food prepared or derived from animal flesh, dairy products, eggs, or honey.

Vegetarian diets are appealing for a number of reasons, but vegan diets make even more sense. A vegan diet extends the advantages that a vegetarian diet delivers, by offering:

  1. Reduction of animal mistreatment and slaughter
  2. Less health risks
  3. Decrease of environmental footprint

The Orginal Definition of Vegan

Donald Watson, coined the term vegan in 1944 while living in the United Kingdom. Watson did an admirable job of formulating the vegan concept in clear terms.

The term “vegan” was chosen by combining the first and last letters of “vegetarian.”

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